Badge (John P. Wolfe)

Cpl. Martin said:

I must say since PFC Wolfe has joined us he has gone from strength to strength as a riflemen. Always consistent and always looking out for his fellow man. He has demonstrated beyond any doubt that he is able to spot enemies much faster than most players. Many times, in company drills I have seen this sharp eye able to flush out enemy positions long before that platoon leader sees it. This is the type of PFC that has the makings of a very effective scout. It must be said however, that at the forefront of his thinking is always the position of the squad. He has proven that he is a team player able to provide much needed fire support and long-range flanking to disrupt an enemies planning. In DBOTs I saw how effective he was at literally getting behind the enemy and causing absolute chaos in their ranks, thinning them out and making them behave more cautious because of his tactics. This PFC has more than earned this accolade and therefore I am immensely proud to award PFC Wolfe with his Rifleman Sharpshooter Badge. Congratulations PFC Wolfe! Aim straight and right between the eyes!


Congratulations PFC Wolfe!
I always knew you could swiggity swooty that Rifle!

Congratulations PFC Wolfe!

Thank you CPL Martin for that high praise, and thank you to everyone who’s helped me up to this point. The lessons learned and the drills over this past year are responsible for my growth as a player so again thank you.