Badge (Joseph Loan)

Cpl. Guyette said:

PFC Loan is everything that a crewman should strive to be, he is adaptable and willing to give it his all to improve and master his AIT. He came to us using the controller, and when that just wouldn’t cut it anymore he was read, willing, and able to step out of his comfort zone and learn with the mouse and keyboard. I am incredibly proud of how far he’s come and I am excited to see where he goes. With all that being said it is with the utmost pleasure that I can see PFC Loan awarded with the Crewman Marksman Badge! Congratulations Loan, I’ll see you soon™ for your sharpshooter!


Glad to see you finally earn this, great work these past few month.

Nice work Loan. Light em’ up.

Hey! happy to see you get this you deserve it!