Badge (Joshua Williams)

Sgt. J. Lee said:

To many within DP2, PFC Williams is the Combat Engineer. When discussing capabilities of CEs within drills, PFC Williams is the prototype that oftentimes averts abstract examples. This connotation is not coincidental: not only is he among the eldest AIT holders within the platoon, he is the longest-tenured CE within all of Dog Company, having performed in the role for literal years longer than his similarly explosives-inclined peers have. On a day to day basis, PFC Williams displays excellent initiative in acquiring targets without requiring handholding through Z-marks and advancing alongside the team. PFC Williams excels with each aspect of the CE’s toolkit — RPG, thumper, mortar, flamethrower, throwables — and regularly cycles his loadout. He frequently grounds helicopters, and he frequently scores kills on LIVE. No matter his chosen weapon, I am forever confident that he would not only provide results but also do so in excellent spirit. Congratulations, PFC Williams, on being the only active member of DP2 to hold a Sharpshooter Badge for CE!


Glad im on your side!


Great work bringing the boom to them. Congrats!

Congratulations, big man!

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