Badge (Karel Mrzena)

Sgt. Falenty said:

There are many things that we would agree or disagree on. One of them being the usefulness of submachine guns. As general-purpose weapons they can’t hold a candle up to the rifle, lower range, pistol calibre stopping power and just outright bad armour penetration. And a good chunk of their real-life advantages don’t really work the same way in Arma. Yet, despite all of this, there are still lads out there that will pick those small meanies and proceed to go to town with them, utilizing whatever they’ve got going for them to their full extent. PFC Mrzena is just like that - taking the SMG probably only to annoy me, and sometimes even, pulling through with it, getting some poor guy with the fire rate, or out-flanking them with the lightweight of his kit. And to top it all off, he’s done that enough times for me to call him consistent with it.

And so, I want to congratulate you on receiving your SMG Marksman Badge. Good job.


Congrats PFC! Keep up the shooting.