Badge (Kylian Ordelman)

Cpl. Hatfield said:

Honestly I’ve sat here for 10 minutes now trying to think of a way to make fun of PFC Ordelman, and outside of the requisite “degenerate member of EP1S1 blah blah blah” drivel I’m having a hard time - mostly because of his name. What kind of name is “Ordelman”!? It makes me think of noodles, though I don’t know why. “I’d like one bowl of Ordelman with chicken, please.” Tell me that doesn’t sound delicious? Congratulations on the badge PFC Noodleman, keep up the good work.

Amazing work, PFC Noodleman. Now start believing in yourself that you’re actually good with the AR, I hope that badge proves it to you.

Congrats, PFC Noodleman. Very well deserved, S1 appreciates your AR skills to the fullest.
PS: Nice eyes bro :wink:

kom vechten dan