Badge (Leon Buckner)

Sgt. Steinbarth said:

PFC Buckner was the last private to join EP1S2 before I took over its leadership, since then a lot has happened. When he joined I was a new leader and insecure when leading these large, strong and armored vehicles in drills, but PFC Buckner did the opposite and took a strong liking to these monsters made of steel and diesel. Probably because he watched to many documentaries about the Panzerkampfagen of the war. Eitherway he bagged me to make him a crewman immidiently after he got promoted. So I made him our crewman. And we soon noticed that he had a lot to learn about how to crew well, but that was fine since I myself had a lot to learn about accounting for a vehicle in my plans, and I’d like to think we did learn that together. I learned to use the vehicle as an anchorpoint of my attack and he learned the ins and outs of steering, shooting and commanding vehicles. So with that I am happy to give him his badge.


Congratulations Junior.

Congrats Buckner, well deserved badge, stop blowing up my armour plz.