Badge (Linus R. Bagge)

The AIT of crewman is a difficult, demanding, and niche one. It combines many different skills found in all of the others while simultaneously demanding completely unique skills now found anywhere else. TSgt. Bagge has long been honing his skills as a crewman and has finally reached a point where he can confidently be considered experienced in the role - something that actually has to be taken into consideration when balancing a drill. His knowledge and expertise in the large variety of vehicles we have at our disposal always comes in handy and I personally always know I can count on him no matter what position in the vehicle he is currently fulfilling. He is finally ready to receive his Armor Sharpshooter badge and we hope to continue to see him either dominate the battlefield or flood the comm lines with barrages of Finnish curses after dying horribly. Either way the Battalion as whole benefits.

Armor Sharpshooter

Congratulations on the achievement TSgt. Bagge. You’re indeed a very good crewman, if we forget about the time you almost killed our squad when we were on the same team. Sgt. Hatfield can speak more on that. Anyway, congratulations once again well deserved!

Congratulations TSgt. Bagge. Way the go!






Congratulations, TSgt.! Good show!

Congrats TSgt!

Congratulations TSgt!

Nice work there TSgt. (11)