Badge (Lukas Fossi)

WO1 Meerts said:

Sgt. Fossi’s main focus on leading his squad, and keeping an eye on the platoon as a whole, did not diminish his skill on the battlefield at all. While he is a menace with any weapon that the situation requires, his main focus has always been the machine gun. Sgt. Fossi excels at mobile gunner tactics, bringing the fire straight to the frontline in support of his guys, but he has also made great use of his usual rear position due to leading his squad, by providing great supporting fire from a distance. Truly, he is one of those guys that puts a smile on your face when he is on your team, knowing that he both has excellent knowledge of what the team needs and how to provide it, and that he can fend for himself like no other. Even if, when he eventually goes down, you can sometimes hear that “Ach Mann” that makes me smile just as much. Congratulations on a well deserved Machine Gun Sharpshooter Badge, Sgt Fossi!


Who would have thought Sgt. Fossi was so deadly.