Badge (Mason C. Winn)

Sgt. Garrett said:

PFC Winn is a man of many names. You should all know the one he’s most famous for, but today, we’re here to talk about why we call him “the bullet sponge”… Wait, I mean “the bullet whisperer”. PFC Winn here has been quite the AR for some time. Somehow, he’s always been able to naturally bend a stream of hot lead to his will. Perhaps he whispers sweet nothings into their ears as they leave his barrel, causing them to curve slightly, right into the enemy soldiers. However he does it, I’m always excited to hear him ask for more ammo, cause this means he’s dropped plenty of enemies and has more in his sights. I’m happy to see PFC Winn finally get his AR Marksman Badge for his skill with his AIT. Congrats, PFC Winn! Keep up the excellent work!