Badge (Mattes Wieben)

Cpl. Meerts said:

When PFC Wieben first came in to the role of the squad’s crewman, he was already pretty damn proficient with the various air assets available to him, especially the attack helicopters. Right off the bat, he was efficiently working together with his copilot, raining down hellfire, striking not just fear into the hearts of his enemies, but also 7.62mm and 20mm rounds into their hearts. But PFC Wieben did not rest on his laurels, and continues to this day to hone his skills with the whole array of helicopters. Having him above our heads in a loach doesn’t just make the jobs of us boots on the ground a lot easier, but he’s one of the few loach pilots that can even give us that feeling of safety that’s so rare to find in the jungles of Vietnam. And while I’m sure no one looks forward to the prospect of inserting via Huey, if one man will get you on the ground safely and smoothly, it’s PFC Wieben. So, from effectively shredding the jungle and its inhabitants with Bushranger miniguns, to dropping grenade and rocket fire like it’s hot, to being an indispensible eye in the sky, and finally being one of the few pilots that can drop me off without making me quake in my boots, PFC Wieben is one of the most versatile and diverse pilots I know. With such a wide range of skills, I would trust this man in any helicopter, and therefore I would trust him with his Pilot Marksman Badge as well! Congratulations on earning those wings, PFC!


Congrats on the Wings Wieben

Congratulations PFC Wieben !