Badge (Max M. White)

Sgt. Nguyen said:

Even before I joined DP2S3, I knew that the squad had enjoyed having the most amount of excellent riflemen in the platoon in my opinion. PFC White is no exception. When I have a task for someone who can snipe the enemy from far away or hold down a flank with their trusty rifle, I always appoint T/5 Simpson, PFC Chang, and PFC White to take the job. While the other 2 already have their rifle sharpshooter badges, I believe PFC White’s is long overdue since he has gone above and beyond expectations of a normal PFC rifleman every time I see him in combat. Just like the White death himself who served Finland well, our own PFC White serves S3 well with countless of kills over nearly 3 years and it is about time he is recognized for this. Congratulations, PFC, you earned it!


Congratulations White! You’re a very skilled player and I’m glad to see that you’ve finally achieved this award.

Well deserved!