Badge (Mert Yılmaz)

Cpl. Duran said:

PFC M. Yilmaz joined DP1S2 1 year ago and already showed great desire & ability to be an effective part of the unit, so far his skills in both rifle & sidearm helped squad in hours of need but not so long ago he got his hands on a machine gun, which became as a second nature to him. And he developed his skills with it enough so that when every other squad member has fallen, you may see his “last stand” against all odds and winning. PFC M. Yilmaz is an active fast learner that became part of S2 soul. With all said above I feel that PFC M. Yilmaz have earned his Machine Gun Marksman Badge, congrats PFC and keep up the good work!


Congratulations PFC, keep that MG rocking!

Congratulations PFC Yılmaz!