Badge (Michael A. Esposito)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

PFC Esposito likes to EXplode the enemy’s POSItion TO oblivion. This guy wrecks havoc along with PFC Agee. He can do it all! From flamer to rifle grenade to thumper to RPG. There are so many times when our squad is still far from the enemy position, not expecting any contact soon but the kill-feed just pops up with his thumper/RPG kills, undoubtedly raising the morale of the entire team and in no small part, helping carry it to victory. Many in Dog know the S3 legendary CE PFC Thompson, and PFC Esposito is certainly a worthy successor, keeping up with the tradition of excellent CEs from S3. A reliable killer with the boom boom stick, I’m so very happy to see this badge on his chest. Congratulations!


Very well-deserved, congrats PFC!

Congrats keep blowing 'em up