Badge (Michael J. Davis)

Cpl. Page said:

PFC Davis is coming up on his second year being assigned as a crewman and it is not just the time but also the dedication to the role that we celebrate today. Not all of you were around for the creation EP5 (now FP2), but PFC Davis has been here since the beginning. At the time he was one of the few crewmen and would then take on training and mentoring most new crewmen of the new unit. He also consistently gives his input to leadership during debriefs Guiding the doctrines behind vehicle usage. Not only is PFC Davis good at going above and beyond his role but he is a great crewman staying cool under pressure and is a crack shot. These are just a few examples of what makes PFC Davis so worthy of this award and I know that FP2S2 is proud to have a member like him.


Congrats my friend.

Well deserved! After about a year and a half later.