Badge (Michael P. Montgomery)

SSgt. Halls said:

There are not enough good things I can say about PFC Montgomery’s work in Lighthouse. His running of BCT as the A3 EST Drill Instructor is exemplary as he makes sure the training platoons keep cranking out fresh recruits for CP1. Therefore, as the Senior Drill Instructor, it is my pleasure to award Drill Instructor Montgomery his Drill Sgt. Badge.


Congrats PFC!

Well earned PFC Montgomery. Glad to be working with you in the Arma 3 LH Office!

Congratulations PFC!
Wear the badge with pride!

Good job, Monty.
It’s about time and its well deserved!

Nice work, Congrats!

Well earned PFC Monty, congratulations!

Drill instructor is hard work. Thank you for your hard work PFC Montgomery!

Keep on showing them how LH is supposed to work! Well earned PFC Montgomery.