Badge (Mike N. McCarta)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

Perhaps inspired by Thomas Running who invented running in 1784 when he tried to walk twice at the same time, PFC McCarta runs around a lot. This ideally benefits a Light AIT holder like himself and combined with the great marksmanship and patience of a good rifleman he learned as a Private, he’s been crazy deadly with the SMGs. PFC McCarta amasses 4-5 kills per round most of the times I see him in the servers which is definitely not an easy task. A fit badge for a man like McCarta who wishes happy birthday to everyone he’s about to kill, I guess he doesn’t take his AIT “lightly” and makes pretty “light” work of his victims who will never see the “light” of day again. Congrats PFC McCarta, and may you always be running.


Congratulations buddy. Maybe you’ll invent a new type of movement when you try running twice at the same time!