Badge (Patryk Borkowski)

Cpl. Devseli said:

I was quite surprised with how well T/5 Borkowski uses his machine gun. Even the first week he got assigned to it he was doing decent. But with every week he got better and better. Even if you spot a mistake this week by next week you wouldn’t see a trace of that same mistake. He always moved forward and improved himself. Meanwhile impressing all of us with his skills. Made our job a lot easier. Worried about a flank? Put T/5 Borkowski there and I can assure you. Noone will pass that area alive. You need protection? Put him on an overlooking area and if anyone dares to shoot you they will turn into swiss cheese. With great performance like this. He has easily earned himself his Automatic Rifle Marksman Badge. Congratulations T/5 keep up the great work !