Badge (Reis N. Smith)

Cpl. Addante said:

Over the last few months if you have found yourself dead at the hands of long-range rifle fire and more often a stray grenade round landing at your feet, there is a high probability that it was PFC R. Smith. He is someone that I can entrust with his AIT like no other. He is always on the hunt for enemy combatants with his trusty launcher, raining fire upon anyone who comes in contact of EP3S1, with his consistency being unmatched by the likes of anyone I have seen in the 29th, including myself. I am proud to say that I was able to teach him what I know, and it makes me even more proud to see him flourish with his AIT to great heights and can’t even imagine the damage he will emit in the months, hopefully, years to come. Congrats PFC R. Smith!

Congratulations, PFC Smith! Keep up the good work!