Badge (Richard T. Vu)

Cpl. Sablon said:

PFC Vu is a special type of player that stands outside the norms of 29th gameplay. You can routinely see him picking up 3 to 4 kills per round. He can give game-changing callouts and always seems to have just the right position to catch enemies off guard. So it is no surprise that he is being awarded his Rifle Sharpshooter Badge. What many people may not know about PFC Vu is that he is one of the nicest guys in DP2. You can always count on him to give some good advice or play some games with the squad. PFC Vu can also be found guesting the many other squads in Dog Company, giving useful advice to help those squads improve. PFC Vu is joining the Navy and leaves for boot camp on Monday. The squad wishes him the best of luck in the future. PFC Vu, I’m glad to be awarding you this Rifle Sharpshooter badge, and I hope to see you rejoin in the future!


Congratulations Vu!

Very well deserved, Vu. You’ve been an absolute model PFC and we can’t wait to have you back. Good luck with everything!!!

Well deserved! Keep up the great work!

I was sure based on how many times I have died by your rifle that you were hacking, even met up in your hometown to verify it. But to my despair, you’re just that good. Congratulations my man, and hope you will find success in the Navy!