Badge (Robert Friedrich)

Cpl. Martin said:

If there is only one thing that strikes fear into the enemy it’s Cpl. Friedrich in the air. He is the ‘Angel of death’ when it comes to air combat. This man has flown so much it’s a wonder he manages to touch the ground. I have seen him develop his immense flying skills over the past few years and to say it has been a spectacle to behold would be an understatement. He has put in the work, the time and development of skill to become one of the most effective pilots in the 29th. Added to this he has also been able to juggle taking over the role of ASL and running the squad on numerous occasions. I have even seen him lead a team while in the air, and all of this is highly impressive. He is a great teacher and a vital support within battle, many times he has helped to clutch a platoon, squad and company drill whether it be in a loach cobra or bushranger. But by far his favorite weapon of war is the bush ranger. He handles it with a finesse and grace that is often impossible to do in this sometimes-buggy game. The list of his exploit is as long as his service record, and there is no doubt in my mind that he deserves to finally get his Crewman Sharpshooter badge. Congratulations Cpl.! May your flight path continue upwards, and your ordinance never run out! Its time to fly even higher!


Impressive Cpl. Friedrich! congratulations!

Congratulations Cpl. Friedrich, finally the correct award for Dog’s best Crewman!