Badge (Robert Friedrich)

Cpl. Meerts said:

It takes a great helicopter pilot to reliably control and put to good use all the helicopters in the game, and PFC Friedrich definitely hits that mark. Now, he can fly a loach to great effect, providing a deadly mix of support fire and areal recon, while keeping the bigger picture in mind that makes a loach so useful to the team. And he can reliably set down a huey, dropping off troops where and when they ask him to. But PFC Friedrich was not happy with ‘good enough’. He took the fact that everyone considers the bushranger to be the worst chopper, as a personal challenge to dominate the air using this very chopper. PFC Friedrich may be one of the better pilots when it comes to the Cobra, but I think it’s safe to say no one matches his ability to rule the skies with the bushranger. Frankly, I believe few pilots instill as much of a feeling of fear to the enemy team as this man, and that unique ability deserves recognition. So, it’s high time we award PFC Friedrich his Pilot Marksman Badge, congratulations!


Congrats bud!

Fly High PFC Friedrich. Congratulations!

Excellent work PFC, A true warrior of the skies!