Badge (Ross J. Chandonnet)

Sgt. Tilley said:

Simply put, T/5 Chandon is an absolute beast. He’s been in S2 longer than even I and has rightfully earned his place as a legend among the company. He can always be counted on to single-handedly hold down an area that would usually take 5 soldiers to defend, and rushes headlong into the enemy fire at the front of any attack, all with a weapon smaller than I would dare to use. When you see his silhouette emerging through the smoke he just laid down, guns blazing, it is a sight to behold and any enemy in his way becomes paralyzed in awe. He is an excellent pathfinder and can be credited with saving many lives by calling out and disarming traps under fire. T/5 Chandon’s skills with the Light class are so effective, that he has distinguished himself at the Battalion level as the best of the best, and is being awarded his Expert Badge for the Light AIT. Congratulations T/5 Chandonnet, you are an invaluable asset to the squad and platoon, and I am very fortunate to call you my squadmate and friend.


Congrats Chandon!

Congratulations Chandon! You already know this has been a long time coming!

After 6 years of dying to you this seems fair.

Yup, he’s a menace, congratulations T/5

Congratulations T/5 Chandonnet!

Yeah he ok

Congrats T/5!