Badge (Ross M. Dethfield)

Armor is that thing that makes the 29th nervous. Tanks in games are hard to balance AND they tend to either be underpowered or overpowered. Rarely do we find a good middle ground. In Squad, I think it can be said that tanks have a plethora of positives and negatives for the infantry that face them and the crew that handle them. Still, armor is a taboo AIT and its not for the reasons I just mentioned.

If you have been to a drill in 2nd. Battalion since June of 2019 and there has been a vehicle in it, you most likely were killed by Sgt. Maj. Dethfield as that vic’s commander, gunner or driver. It’s fair to say that he is the most sought after crewman for the Armor AIT when allocating who gets what. Drills often hang in the balance based on what team he is on. I’ve mentioned before that Sergeant Major is a perfectionist and it is no different here.

He is the author of armor doctrine in 2nd. Battalion. I don’t mean that from the sense that he helped contribute to check marks or has gave pointers to others, which he has done, but he has literally orchestrated how vehicles should be used in Squad. All of our Armor AIT follow in his style as a base line for crewing. He’s written and taught the doctrine of how the 29th operates in Squad when it comes to Tanks, IFV’s and APC’s.

Not only does he teach, but he also gets results. Nearly every time he is commanding a vehicle, that vehicle becomes the deadliest object on the battlefield. In 2Lt. Mellinger’s last OCS scrim, Sergeant Major kept his tank mobile, constantly getting new angles of fire and reigning down hell on FP2’s advance. His fire took out leadership and other important AIT holders that made a clean first attack into a bloody one. Afterwards, he kept playing a cat and mouse game with FP2, scoring more kills.

To conclude, Sergeant Major Dethfield is a master of his craft. He takes the fundamentals of being a rifleman and transfers them to armor. From movement to positioning, ranging, and knowing what shot type does what type of damage in whatever scenario, Sergeant Major has built a reputation that he continues to reinforce each time he’s in a tank, IFV, or any other vehicle. His presence on the battlefield is known by friend and foe and that simple fact does impact how combat is conducted. It is because of alllll these things, that he is being awarded his Expert Armor Badge. Congrats!


Congratulations, Sgt. Maj.

Wow, thats a big tank stepbro.

From giving a hand to the old Armor AIT holders of Able, to being the vanguard in the crewmen of 2nd battalion. This is very well deserved, congrats!

What a big one! I remember attending your commander clinic. That clinic was a lot of fun, and it jumpstarted my Squad crewman career.

Very well earned Sgt Major!

Congratulations Sergeant Major! Well earned!

Congrats Sgt. Major, always a pleasure to guest your clinics and see your performances during rounds!

That’s one hell of a crewman right there! Congrats Sgt. Major!

Congrats Sgt. Major! I will ever be even more fearful of any vehicle you are in.