Badge (Ryan Fleming)

Sgt. Zylath said:

I knew I’d be writing this quote someday. It’s the kind of quote you see coming when you first meet somebody. Fleming came to me as an energized, interested private. He had been thinking about discharging due to a time conflict with the squad he was placed in. Two months later, he’s the top shot in my squad. He told me he wanted to be a great rifleman in the 29th. I told him to follow PFC Scovel around and learn how to do it. Two months later, I have him teaching new riflemen in my squad how to play. The drive in this PFC is insane, matched only by his ability with a semi-automatic at 300+ meters. Less than a year into the unit, I am thinking seriously about recommending him for platoon sniper. PFC Fleming is the absolute exemplar of a rifleman. From training new DP3S1 members, to teaching a Pathfinder’s class, to earning his Sharpshooter Badge, Fleming has never strayed from his path to greatness. Let this be another stone under his feet as he moves forward. Congratulations.

Very impressive work PFC Fleming, stellar shooting leads to stellar awards, keep up the good work.

Awesome to see, PFC, congrats!