Badge (Ryan M. Hutchinson)

Cpl. Maestas said:

PFC Hutchinson has been sucked into the crewman lifestyle in the 29th (One of the best AITs in the Battalion) always thinking about different possibilities and tactics with vehicles. He has really taken the AIT to its core and made it his pride and joy here in the 29th, that being said when he was first assigned as a crewman he struggled a bit with the overwhelming role of a crewman. This proved to be no challenge for PFC Hutchinson to overcome he now proving his skills commanding, gunning and driving doing the most he can to provide the best of a crewman to the team. He even takes time to learn the different Vehicle mechanics and has been attending crewman clinics. With this PFC Hutchinson deserves something on his jacket and that is his Armor Marksman Badge, Congratulations PFC keep up the great work and I hope to see that Sharpshooter!


You’ve really improved Hutch, keep up the good work.
I expect that this training will have paid off pretty soon.