Badge (Sam R. Harrington)

Cpl. J. Murray said:

Since joining DP3S2, Pvt. Harrington has been an absolute God-send. He’s taken a needle of adrenaline and stabbed it directly into our hearts, motivating not only myself but more importantly other squad members. He’s the kind of guy who makes sure that those around him get their bellies full first when he eats. That along with absolute dedication to the core values of what makes a good 29ther, makes it seem like heresy when reminded that the guy has been in the unit for less than three months. As I mentioned earlier though, he is not at all concerned with his own praises, but the good of the unit as a whole. It’s this mindset that drove him to go supernova in his recruiting efforts, earning his CAB in one month’s time. Should he continue these efforts I foresee him having to go to the doctor for back problems from all the shinies he’ll have racked up. That being said though, cheers to you Harry! May this be one of the first of many quotes I write regarding you. Your squad and your unit appreciate you.


Thanks for the kind words! Its been a blast! Three months down, many more to go! More recruits coming soon.

Congrats, Pvt.!