Badge (Simon Hoel)

Cpl. Jordan said:

Pvt. Hoel has been with us in S3 for a few months. With consistent attendance and excellent gameplay, I am happy to have him in the squad and the 29th as a whole. He has adapted to the gameplay style of Rising Storm 2 quickly and excels in spotting and taking out enemies, working with the squad while doing so. In our off time, he hangs out with the rest of the squad and shares laughs with us; camaraderie is a valued aspect of the squad, and Hoel adds a lot. I am thrilled he is with our squad! With great attendance (company included), gameplay, and overall, most importantly, consistent camaraderie and teamwork, Hoel has become a core member, and I couldn’t imagine S3 without him. Congratulations on the Rifle Marksman Badge, Pvt. Hoel, and a step closer to PFC!