Badge (Stefano Pomelisimo)

Cpl. J. Murray said:

PFC Pomelisimo has had a 29th Issued SMG in his hands for roughly 4 months now, but watching his play you’d think it had been 40. PFC Pome continually finds himself at the front of every battle making early, game-changing callouts. then waiting for the enemy to inevitably push past him, only for him to put a clip directly into their backs. He also has found himself able to work in tandem with the squad’s other Light effortlessly. They make a frightening duo and have been our saving graces on more than one occasion. That being said, this award was not earned in tandem and is the fruit of PFC Pomelisimo’s labor in it’s entirety. Here’s to you Pome, you’re much appreciated and this badge is very well earned.