Badge (Stephen J. Taylor)

Cpl. Hapers Said:

Cpl. Taylor was the first person in EP1S2 I talked to since reenlisting, logically of course as he is my squad leader. Taylor has helped me a lot to get up to speed with the 29th as I had been out for it for a while and around that time he every now and than snuck out to do some cheeky crewing leaving me in command of the squad as there was no ASL. During the last couple of months Cpl. Taylor has been doing quite a bit of crewing especially whilst guesting… Meaning he left me with even less meat shields for my masterplans. However, with all this driving, gunning and dicta… commanding… I believe it is time that Cpl. Taylor is awarded his Crewman Marksman Badge! Congratulations Corporal!

Oh so this is the guy who always shoots that big gun on the vehicles? I always wondered who is the person ruining my plans and making me look bad. Oh well, congratulations Cpl. Taylor. Very well done!

The only person in my Platoon who I trust near a river.

Been stuck in first gear on this one for a minute. Congrats !

Congratulations Cpl.! Very nice