Badge (Tyrone S. Blackburn)

2Lt. Runing said:

T/5 Blackburn have been solid soldier ever seen I got to know him. On the battlefield you will most likely find him staying the many tons heavy tanks or APCs. But don’t be fooled, even with many hours in vehicles, He as deadly as a crewman as he is a rifleman. The only target he will forever be remembered to have missed is a toilet. I am very proud and honored to hand this award out, congratulations there T/5 Blackburn.

Ah yes… Denmark… However! T/5 Blackburn didnt missed my fekking head with that folding chair…

Well done with the Badge T/5!

Is that the tank guy who always blows up half the team? Now what, he’s gonna kill me with a rifle too? Lord forbid…

Good job on the badge anyway : )

Congratulations T/5 Blackburn, it is always a pleasure to play with you and see your rifle skills at work!

Congratulations T/5 Blackburn on being the fastest shot in eastern Sweden!

Congratulations T/5 Blackburn!

Congratulations T/5!

Congratulations T/5 !


Well earned!!!