Badge (Will T. Webster)

Cpl. Capwell said:

Aaaaah another RMB, another opportunity to joke about new Privates and their adjustment to realism matches… except not really in this case. Pvt. Webster continues the trend we’ve been seeing with new privates these days, in that he walked in and just started shooting like a PFC. In his very first drill with DP3S1, I watched this man calmly drop 2 players with over 6 years of realism match experience between them as they attempted to double peak him. Unlike the privates of old, Webster rolled into a squad of old dogs, all with 2 years plus of doing this, and made it very clear to us that he can be relied upon to watch your back same as anyone else in the squad. While real life has given him some trouble in making it out to drills his first few months, when he’s here we have no hesitation in relying on him to do a job we’d put our other riflemen on. In fact, when we need someone to back up T/5 Murray in clearing a building, he’s our first pick. Essentially, we can’t get enough of Pvt. Webster. And I’m very excited to see where his journey in the 29th takes him. So without rambling on any further… congratulations on your Rifle Marksman Badge and the first step to PFC, Pvt. Webster!