Badge (William R. Burchett)

Sgt. Leliveld said:

Burchett has always been a force of good for EP2S3, and he has helped be a bastion of positivity. Sometimes, positivity comes in his K/D, which can be pretty good, especially with quickly learning how to use the grenadier AIT. He’s great to have as a grenadier as he is one of those guys that plays for the squad/team, and I think some of that rubs off on his squamates which is excellent to see. Seeing his progression with the AIT has been a great process, he started a little shy to shoot off his under-barreled attachment, but he has grown into an exceptional and reliable AIT holder over time. I don’t see this PFC slowing down any time soon, and I know he has only shown us a small part of his potential. So congratulations PFC Burchett, on getting your GL marksmen badge. You bring a lot to our squad.

Nice job, this badge is well earned!

Congratulations and well done!