Badges (Richard J. Norris)

Sgt. Kal said:

PFC Norris, a name that has been heard by everyone in Charlie company after just a week. Not because of something stupid, but because of his great performance. The PFC got his promotion after only 2 months, due to being a killing machine in the field and due to his attitude outside of drills. Of course, his Expert Infantry Badge and Rifleman Marksman badge cannot be left behind. So congratulations PFC, well deserved!

rifle eib

Awesome stuff. Keep it up!

Great job Norris!

Very well earned, PFC! Glad to have you in Charlie Co.

Congratulations PFC! Job well done!

Magnificent feat, PFC Norris! It’s good to have you here in Charlie.

Absolutely earned for an absolute unit. Congratulations PFC!

Congrats well deserved and over due!!