Eight Years and Six Months of Service (Alex W. Crane)

MSgt. Robles said:

It’s incredible to me how long the 29th has actually existed to this point, but it’s even more incredible to know that there have been people here for, at times, half of some of the newer individuals ages. SSgt. Crane is one such individual that amazes me with how long he’s been here. I never miss the opportunity to mention that the good SSgt. was my very first SL going back all the way to the latter half of 2014. The one thing I can say is that during my time here, for better or worse, he has stayed consistent in his beliefs and attitude regarding all aspects of the 29th. In a sense, it is refreshing to see that as even I cannot include myself in that camp. He’s done it all: Platoon Clerk, ASL, SL, ADI, DI, SDI, and now currently Platoon Sergeant. He is one of the more influential members that I have had the pleasure of knowing these last eight and a half years. Congratulations on your 17th AoCC; here’s to many more.