Eight Years of Service (Dainius Valiūnas)

Cpl. Fossi said:

I’ve known T/5 Valiūnas for a bit over two years now. In this time he has helped me grow and in my time in leadership he never hesitated to give me advice and honest feedback. With this we as a squad learnt a lot, but considering T/5 Valiūnas is in this unit for around eight years we shouldn’t be that surprised. In these eight years he was part of three companies and he took the opportunity for several AITs throughout these three companies. In the last one and a half years he decided to help out platoon HQ by becoming the platoon clerk and with that he shows day by day his dedication to our unit. But let’s get back to the point of this write-up: T/5 Valiūnas is here with us for eight years, so it is time to hand him out his 4th rainbow. Congratulations Vali, very cool!

aocc_box ww1v

Congratulations T/5 Valiūnas, such a real veteran and valuable member!

he’s old!

Congrats to the best Mosin-Nagant enjoyer I’ve ever known :saluting_face: