Eight Years of Service (Dan Vos)

2Lt. Ericksen said:

A great Staff Sgt. once dropped a truth bomb by saying, “Shit happens… what we do to overcome is the important part.” And that rings true for our beloved (and ever so slightly feared) Platoon Sgt. of CP1. He certainly carries this mantra forward with him as every challenge is confronted and surmounted; whether it is facing a set back battling in the field or battling in the office.

So, hats off and hands up to you SSgt. Vos, not only from myself, but from all of CP1 for your continued dedication, leadership, and service to this great Platoon, Company, and unit. Congratulations on your 16th AoCC, 4th rainbow, and EIGHTH year of service! May your path continue to be filled with straight lines, good discipline, and no fun. Ever. Forward.