Eight Years of Service (Grant P. Gillespie)

Cpl. Kabloski said:

There are people in the 29th that I have described as institutions. Quite a few of them. This has led me to the realization that the 29th we love is an institution of institutions. One of those institutions is T/5 Gillespie. I’m addition to being an incredibly skilled soldier, this gentleman has got his fingers in so many pies it boggles my mind. The T/5 is the grease that keeps so many pieces of the 29th running smoothly. When you get off work, Gill is there. Think you’ve got your paperwork done? There he is, ready and eager to prove you wrong. This man of precision is shaping the minds of our newest members and cooking the books as a hobby - reminding us of one fact: This is Gillespie’s institution. We’re all just along for the ride.
Congrats on the 8 years, T/5 Gillespie! Here’s for 8 more!