Eight Years of Service (Jergul A. Jergulson)

Cpl. Boman said:

Sgt. Jergulson and me have been married for close to 18 months now, and over the course of these months i have learnt a great deal from him, and hopefully it goes the other way as well. He has been running EP4S3 with great effect for even longer, and is a dangerous man with both tactics and his bag of grenades. During all this time he has also managed to put 8 years into the unit, something few other can brag about. So congratulations on your 14th AOCC and your 4th rainbow, i hope there will be many more!

Congratulations, Sgt.! Happy to have you here and play with you!


Congratulations Sgt!

Congrats Sgt! I hope we see you many more years!