Eight Years of Service (William J. Pepper)

1Lt. Deb said:

Our lovely Corporal William J. Pepper was my Assistant Squad Leader when I enlisted into DP2S1 as a little Pvt. Deb. Cpl. Pepper had moved to reserves for a few years but luckily returned about six months ago! Since then, Cpl. Pepper has moved from a rifleman in DP2S1 to Assistant Squad Leader in DP2S3 to now Squad Leader of DP2S3. All of this has happened in just six months! I do not doubt Cpl. Pepper’s abilities as a member and a leader. I’m glad to know you’ve been here for eight years Cpl. Pepper. You are a great member, leader, and friend. Congratulations on your 16th Army of Occupation Award and 4th World War 1 Victory medal! Hope to see you here for your 9th and big 10th birthday!

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Congratulations! Really happy to have you around for so many years Cpl.!