Eleven Years of Service (Mark A. Minor)

2Lt. Furie said:

Sgt. Minor is someone known by all for his pure stubbornness and refusal to crawl into a hole and die. This guy is so old he has seen it all and frequently watches it all over again on his VCR. To reach Sgt. Minor you just have to page his beeper #00001 as he was the first to enroll in that blossoming technology. Every so often he boots up squad on his Commodore 64 to remind himself of the “good ol’ days” while he polishes his shotgun in his wooden rocking chair on his porch while yelling at the rest of us to get off his lawn. Eventually we might grow tired of him and stick him in a home but until then I guess we will keep him around a bit longer. Don’t believe he is as old as I say he is? This man is celebrating his 22nd AOCC, thats right, 11 bloody years in the unit and don’t you forget it!


sooooooooo oooooooold

This guy had to mail in enlistment papers when he joined! Congrats, Sgt. Minor!

practically dead, congrats on another 6 months there sgt., keep having around

Congratulations Sgt! I Still laugh at your story about a dream/nightmare you had of the 29th anno 2040 as a full division and you still going strong :).

What a milestone, glad to have worked with you in those 11 years!