Enlistment - Rec. Beckket

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Recruit Beckket,

  1. You previously enlisted with the 29th as a “Justin James”, please explain the name change on your current enlistment.
  2. You are a member of two ARMA 3 Mil-Sim groups on Steam, the 5th Marine Raiders and 1-32 Infantry Regiment, 1 BCT, 10th Mountain Division “Task Force Chosin” which were not discussed on your enlistment. If you were a member of these units at any time, please use the

Unit Game Name Rank Reason for leaving

format to give us some more information about your time there. If you were not a serving member of these units we ask that you leave the Steam groups.

Please respond here so we can continue processing your enlistment.

Ill be honest I’m not sure why that’s a big issue with being in steam groups that I have a history with and I stay in them because of the history. I don’t see how that would affect the unit or its reputation in any way shape or form. Those units are years old and gone but I stay in remembrance of the players I played with as a memory. My name change was valid because I don’t want my actual name posted.

You didn’t have an issue with it five years ago and it’s common procedure for us to ask why.

It isn’t a big issue at at all, but it is a mandatory policy to be followed. The 29th is a very exclusive unit and have a strict policy that no member of the 29th should affiliate themselves with any other unit participating in Squad, RS2, Arma 3, Darkest Hour or Day of Defeat.

If you are still apart of them for the memories I am going to assume that you were formerly apart of these groups, which leads me to ask why you didn’t list them as realism experience?

We would of course love to have you enlist in our unit, regarding that you leave the groups and report back to PFC Roland in this thread.

Kind Regards,

T/5 Grissom
Senior Enlistment Clerk

Denied due to uncooperating and inactivity.