Enlistment - Rec. Cassano

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Hey Recruit Cassano,

It is great to see your interest in the 29th but before we can continue with your enlistment there are a couple things that must be both rectified and clarified. The first is the matter of unprofessionalism on your steam profile. Specifically there are some comments that are offensive or phallic in nature which we ask that you remove.

The second thing is with some of the groups that you have joined on steam, specifically “Third Infantry Division Realism Unit”. Could you please describe your involvement in this group.

Please respond to this message with a description of your involvement in “Third Infantry Division Realism Unit” and after the unprofessionalism on your steam profile is deleted.

J. Sarsfield

I have deleted them.
I have no affiliation with 3ID

Pending HQ Approval

You’ve been assigned to EP4S1, welcome back.