Enlistment - Rec. Heaney

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Can you expand on your previous realism experience? Based on your previous names on your Steam history it looks like you have been in a few other units. Use the syntax below.

| Unit | Game | Name | Rank | Reason for leaving |

I’ve been in war of rights and some other shooters games

Is there a discord ? Cause i wanna be trained as a pilot soon

Recruit Heaney,

As asked, please state all the units you have participated in with the given format from PFC Bengtsson.

| Unit | Game | Name | Rank | Reason for leaving |

The 29th does not have any official discord servers, we operate over steam chats, teamspeak and this forums page.

As also mentioned in our recruit handbook, you will only be trained as a rifleman in BCT.

T/5 Grissom
Senior Enlistment Clerk

If that’s the case only a rifleman then i say im out.

Well, being apart of a highly skilled and disciplined realism regiment isn’t for everyone. Your enlistment has been marked as withdrawn.

Feel free to re-enlist in the future if you decide you would like to pick up a Rifle.

Best Regards,


T/5 Grissom, Luke
Senior Enlistment Clerk
Lighthouse Corps