Enlistment - Rec. Jennings

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Hello Recruit,

For us to move forward with your enlistment we have a few questions about your VAC ban. Can you explain which game you got banned on and the reason?

The VAC Ban was in CS:GO from many years ago. I downloaded an Aim Bot and I was using it in competitive matchmaking.

Pending HQ Approval.

Approved for BCT. @Sarsfield @Grissom

Good Evening,

I don’t think this will be able to work out for me. I am stationed in Hawaii currently and I am on Base Honor Guard so a funeral could pop up at any time. As much as I would love to join this unit I think I will have to try again when I get stationed closer stateside since I am currently six hours behind EST. I appreciate the opportunity and if there is anyway to work around this issue I’d love to proceed with enlistment but if it is too much of a hassle I can try again at a later date.

Jennings, Dylan

Hey Recruit,

Thanks for letting us know, and although we hope to see you in the future I wish you the best of luck in your current endeavors.

J. Sarsfield