Enlistment - Rec. Johnson

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Hey Recruit,

A couple of things we need to address before we can continue processing your enlistment:

  1. For your previous realism experience, you’ll see there is now a table created with the units you were in for Arma 3. If you could please ensure your in-game names, and any ranks you achieved in these units, if you remember them, get added to the table, it will assist us while processing your enlistment. Also, please update any of the other information in the table as you see fit.
  2. We have multiple soldiers in the 29th with the last name “Johnson”. In order to avoid confusion, you would be known as “V. Johnson”. Alternatively, you can choose a different last name, provided it is realistic and appropriate.

Please let us know when the updates are completed, and your preference for name in this thread so we can continue processing your enlistment.

Thank you for the reply!

May I ask how I can edit my enlistment information? I cannot seem to find the option.

As for my name to prevent any confusion “Akan” is fine for a first/last name.

If you have the information requested, you can post it up here. We just need as much info as possible to process.

All right sounds good.

Let me see…

I achieved PFC in the first unit (Modern Military Realism Unit)

Chaplain/Marine Squad Leader in the Warhammer Realism Unit (Some admin, mostly squad leadership)

StarSim (101st) I was a basic grunt for my entirety of play (Wasn’t long)

Finally, I ranked up to PFC in the MWU with “Scout” certifications (Which is now Special Forces) and was training with armor and air for mech certification before my leave. (Leave was long enough I was demoted, and currently am getting ready to do BCT again soon)

Recruit Akan,

Thanks for your replies. We didn’t realize you were still in the MWU. Unfortunately, due to the 29th’s exclusivity policy, we will have to deny your enlistment as we are deployed in Arma 3 as well. Please feel free to enlist again in the future if you find yourself no longer a part of the MCU.