Enlistment - Rec. Lucas

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Rec. Lucas, thank you for enlisting. There are few things i need to clarify.

  • In your enlsitment you chose “Any” as your preffered time. However based on your country i assume you preffer EST timezone than GMT.
  • In the 29th you can be active member only for one, specific game, based on your enlkistment it’s RS2. You can participate in other games, but the one you’re enlisting is going to be the “main” one.

Please write in response to that comment if my assumption about your preffered time is correct and if you confirm RS2 as the main game for you.

Yeah EST is the correct time and I’d like my main game to be squad instead. Sorry for any inconvieniences.

Thank you. Now one of Squad EC is going to contact you.
@LosBandito @Osaka @intensesteak85

Recruit Lucas @dove_lotion ,

You mention that you intend to purchase Squad soon. The Basic Combat Training for Squad EST timezone starts on Sunday 17th of March. Are you able to purchase it until then?

PFC Osaka
Enlistment Clerk - Squad

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