Enlistment - Rec. Red

@Mike200 Apologies, I made a mistake with your enlistment. I’ve updated your enlistment letter and put you in the Training Platoon this Sunday each night at 7pm EST.

I cant make, im leaving tomorrow for vacation and will be back Monday. Is there any way i can still attend the bct that starts in 10 minutes?

Unfortunately you cannot attend that training platoon as it is a five day course which today is the last day of.

Stick with the training platoon I have now put you in and let your Enlistment Liaison (Cpl. Lance) know that you are unable to make Sunday. As mentioned in the enlistment acceptance letter, we understand if you miss a day or two. BCT Staff will be happy to help you catch up.

Ok thanks.

When is the next bct im back from vacation.

Attend tonight at 7pm EST.

ok ill attend it, how long will it take?

Please get in touch with @LANCE who should of added you on steam. It’s his job to help you answer the questions you may have.