Enlistment - Rec. Sanchez

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Hello, Recruit @D4RK

We will need to assign you to Basic Combat Training (BCT) as part of your enlistment.
You didn’t mention any preferred time zone for your BCT.

Here are the options that you have:

  • GMT timezone : BCT starts at 2PM EST on 14th of July
  • PST timezone : BCT starts at 9PM EST on 14th of July
  • EST timezone : BCT starts at 7PM EST on 21st of July

Let me know which one suits you best.

Also, please make sure you have your email notifications enabled so that you will receive an email when someone answers in this thread.

I was denied because im 15

Hello @D4RK

We do not have any records of you being denied previously, as this is your first enlistment.

Could you elaborate further on this matter?