Enlistment - Rec. svahn

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Recruit wants to change to GMT

Hey Recruit Svahn,

It’s great to see your interest in the 29th, and a pleasure that I can help you along the way. Just some things to clarify on your enlistment before we can proceed.

The first is about unprofessional content on your steam profile. There are some comments that could be considered rude or offensive and must be deleted before going forward.

The second is the group you have joined on steam. Could you please state you involvement with the ‘Squad Ops’ group.

Please answer this message with your involvement in ‘Squad Ops’ after deleting unprofessional content from your steam profile and we can then move on with your enlistment.

J. Sarsfield

Christ that was a lot of old shit on my profile. So the only involvement with squad ops i have is just attending their events every now and then. I am completely independent but i need to be in their steam group to attend those events. This will have no effect on my activity in the 29th.

So on second thought. after reading through a bunch of your handbook stuff this really doesn’t seem like the thing for me. It is way too serious and honestly i would probably start laughing if i actually tried to follow any of that stuff. I am looking for something a lot more casual.
This was an interesting look into the squad community though. Good luck with whatever you guys are doing.