Enlistment - Rec. Wongburger

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Hello Rec. Wongburger. Could you please pick more realistic name and surrname? It does not have to be your real name, but something more realistic.

I do not yet know how to to edit the application unfortunately. Id prefer to keep the name as is or a slight edit to perhaps first name Wong, last name Burger. It has been my name online for some time and any fake name Id give for myself, I likely would not recognize.

Thank you for reply.

Unfortunately as long as your name will be related to the character from ATHF we cannot proceed your enlistment.
It need to be something more realistic, like for example Mike Burger or Wong Brown.

Well, that is most displeasing to hear because it is a deal breaker for me. All the best. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for reply. If you ever change your mind feel free to re-enlistment with proper name.

Enlistment withdrawn due to lack of desire to change name.